The Best Patio Doors in Arizona


Arizona weather sometimes gets a bad reputation. Many people associate the state with unbearable heat. However, most of the time, Arizona weather is lovely. While some areas in the country get sleet, rain, and snow, Arizona is reliably warm and element-free year-round. The state attracts many people who enjoy the outdoors. Many homeowners have pools or other outdoor recreation areas. One of the best ways to link your outdoor recreation space to your home is with a beautiful patio door. This article will explore different types of patio doors and how you can enhance your indoor and outdoor living experience. Read along to find the best patio door for your home.   

Best Doors for an Arizona Patio

It’s nearly impossible to live in Arizona without having a patio. Most days of the year, the sun shines, and the skies are clear. Homeowners want to be able to sit outside and relax. A sliding glass patio door is the best way to transition from home to the outdoors. If you enjoy sitting out on your Arizona patio, a sliding glass door is perfect. Glass doors are incredibly versatile in design. Ranch, Pueblo Revival, and Spanish mission homes are all popular architectural styles in Arizona. Though each style is distinct, glass patio doors can work for all of them

In the past, sliding doors were heavier. This heaviness led to the misconception that these doors must be more aligned or stick in their tracks. In recent years, sliding doors have become more lightweight due to a change in the materials used to make them. Now, these types of doors are slimmer and easier to use, making them much less likely to malfunction. However, the idea that sliding doors get stuck easily persists. In reality, these types of doors are incredibly efficient. Not only that but with their contemporary look, they add to the overall aesthetic beauty of your property. 

There are many advantages to installing a sliding glass door for your Arizona patio. Glass patio doors are a good idea if natural light is essential to you in a home. When you let light into a room, you open it up. This can give guests the illusion of more space if you live in a smaller home. In this way, glass patio doors can also save you money on energy costs. This can also add extra value to your home if you want to put it on the market. Additionally, sliding glass doors save tons of space in your home. Plus, these patio doors are easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. 

Best Patio Doors Ideas

Sliding glass doors are the most practical idea for an Arizona patio. Folding or swinging doors can get in the way sometimes. If you’re starting with a smaller home, sliding doors are the best option. You can utilize the extra space for seating or decoration. Sliding doors can also make it easier to entertain guests on the patio. When the weather is nice, you can quickly move from indoor to outdoor space. And when you don’t want to be outside, quality glass doors shelter you from the elements and protect your home. 

Plenty of options are available if you have the space to accommodate folding or swinging doors. However, you may want something more elevated than a sliding door. The best patio doors incorporate glass simply because it blends the two environments seamlessly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try something unique with other materials. Depending on the style of your home, you can incorporate wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, and more. Don’t be afraid to make things pop by adding color or exciting designs. For example, if you already have painted shutters around your house, consider adding the same color to your patio door. Paying attention to the little details helps show off your style through your home. 

Patios are a place you socialize and relax. A lot of people like to entertain on their patios. You should consider this when thinking about what kind of doors to install. Traditional French doors can hinder the flow of guests from indoors to outdoors, depending on the space. This is why sliding glass doors are the best patio doors for those who like to entertain. They make carrying food and drinks to and from the kitchen much more manageable. Plus, they invite guests to spend their time between the two spaces without feeling like they’re entering different worlds. 

navy blue door

Best Sliding Glass Doors for Arizona Patios

You might be wondering where to find the best sliding glass doors for your Arizona patio. Having secure windows and doors is crucial for a home. At AZ Valley Windows, we serve clients in Phoenix and the surrounding areas for all their door and window needs. We believe it’s essential to optimize your patio area. What better way to do that than with a high-quality sliding glass door? We are dedicated to providing you with the top-of-the-line service you deserve. Plus, we don’t cut corners regarding materials and craftsmanship. This is why we only use the top brands and highest quality materials for our products.

It’s time to spice up your patio with the best sliding glass doors on the market. If you’re not sold on sliding doors, look at our other types. We’re sure you’ll find something that suits your fancy. Consult AZ Valley Windows for service and outcomes you can trust.

Why Having Quality House Windows Is So Important


Windows are among the essential parts of your house. They let in light, allow you to view the areas outside your home, and can accent your property beautifully. It’s essential to have good-quality windows in your home for several reasons. You want to ensure your house windows are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and protected against outdoor elements. You should research first if you’re in the market for new windows. Read along to learn what makes good house windows and how to begin your window replacement project.

The Importance of High-Quality Windows

When looking for replacement house windows, you want to get the best quality materials and craftsmanship possible. Think about the practical reasons for having windows in your house. Windows help regulate the temperature in your home, let in light, and allow fresh air inside. A home would be lonely and stuffy without any windows. When you install windows made of poor materials or created with bad craftsmanship, you’re opening your home up to a host of issues. The biggest problem here is home security. You want to feel safe in your home, but how can you do so when you have unsound windows? Low-quality windows are vulnerable to break-ins; almost a quarter of all home break-ins occur through a window. Higher-quality house windows can give you a better sense of security in your home. 

Windows are also essential when it comes to saving money and energy. Most people want to save money wherever possible, especially on heating and cooling in the winter and summer months. Older windows often allow unwelcome drafts inside, which can eventually run up your energy bill. New, quality windows keep your home thoroughly insulated. You can keep the warm air in when it’s cold outside and cold air in when it’s warm outside. Not only does this save you money, but it is also good for the environment. Research shows that increased energy efficiency reduces the negative impact of energy generation on the planet. Investing in quality windows saves money and positively impacts the environment

Benefits of Quality House Windows

You might not think about it much, but house windows genuinely contribute to the overall comfort of your home. Windows show you the outside world, but they also do a lot to protect you from it. Your home shelters you from the elements like rain, snow, and heat. Windows made from low quality materials are less likely to protect you from the elements and burglars. No one wants to deal with a flood or a break-in due to faulty windows. The entire purpose of a house is to be a safe space for you to unwind at the end of the day. Worrying about break-ins or getting the temperature right when you have drafts affects your overall contentment with your home. Knowing that you’re more secure and comfortable with quality windows gives you the peace of mind you deserve. 

New Windows for a Home

If you’re in the market for new windows for a home, here’s what to look for in a window company. When you find a potential company to work with, look at their online reviews. Google the company and look at what people say online about their service. Generally, these reviews will speak for themselves. Customer feedback is a great way to weed out the bad apples. Once you find a company with good reviews, look at its products. If they don’t offer the materials or design styles you’re looking for, it’s best to take your business elsewhere. When looking for new windows for a home, you want a company that will communicate effectively and clearly with you. If you start working with a business that doesn’t seem to hear you out, you probably won’t be pleased with the results.

Replacement Windows for Old Houses

Maybe you’re fixing up an older home and want to keep its historical charm. You might be worried about how an older house might look with more modern windows. This is where finding new windows for a house can get tricky. Hiring a professional to create replacement windows for old houses is the best move. Choosing new windows for a home with historical value can be difficult, but the right company will make it work. The right company will help you retain the appeal of an old house while giving you the benefits of new windows. 

Where to Find Replacement Windows for a House

Maybe you’re trying to find replacement windows for an old house. Perhaps you’re tired of dull windows and want to revamp your home with a fresh look. You want to choose the right company to install new windows for a house. Whatever your reason, AZ Valley Windows can help. We offer a diverse range of window styles for your Phoenix, Arizona home. Whether you want casement, double hung, slider, awning, or even specialty windows, we have you covered. We can facilitate your vision for any windows you want for your house. At AZ Valley Windows, we are dedicated to enhancing the comfort, safety, efficiency, and, of course, the beauty of your home.

Communication is vital to achieving your goal. This involves individualized attention and service geared toward your needs. We work with our clients to achieve the best results. Our windows and doors only use the highest quality materials and brands. If you’re in the market for new windows, contact us today

How the Right Front Door Can Increase Your Curb Appeal


Do you ever wonder about the first impression your home leaves on others? Curb appeal is essential when it comes to real estate. You want your house to impress others, whether it’s a neighbor just passing by or a guest coming to stay. In some ways, your home should express who you are. You choose a particular style of architecture or a certain way of decorating because it represents your taste. One of the most significant ways to up your curb appeal is to opt for a new front door design. The front door is one of the first things people see at your house. Follow along to learn how to take your home’s look to the next level by altering your front door or installing replacement doors.

What Is Curb Appeal?

If you’re not a real estate agent, you might wonder what curb appeal is. It’s a term you often hear when buying and selling houses. Curb appeal is defined as the general attractiveness of a home or other property to a prospective buyer. The look of a house is the first impression you get of a whole property, so it’s pretty essential. Many factors go into a property’s curb appeal. For instance, something as little as a fresh paint job can boost the overall attractiveness of your house. Similarly, landscaping can do a lot for a home. Even something as small as replacing the front door can up your curb appeal. 

New Front Door Designs 

The front door is one of the focal points of the house. Many people don’t take advantage of this fact. Your typical generic, run-of-the-mill door will not cut it for potential buyers. Investing in a unique, quality-made front door goes a long way in upping your home’s curb appeal. You want to give a buyer reasons to love your home, and having a distinctive front door is perfect to set it apart. Plus, it’s a great way to have fun with your home’s design. There are so many front door designs and materials to choose from.

Ideas for Replacement Doors

If you’re in the market for replacement doors, look at some of these styles and materials that will make your home stand out. 


Doors made out of bamboo can effectively complement different architectural and interior design styles you may have an interest in. Some doors made from bamboo and jute can also be termite and water-resistant, which might be something you’re looking for in your home.


Using steel for your replacement door is also an option. This material has a cold, industrial look, which is excellent for more modern-looking homes. In addition to that, steel can also provide you with extra security knowing it is one of the strongest metals. 


Usually, wood signifies a traditional look and feel to a home. Of course, there’s always your good old-fashioned wood front door. But recently, designers have been able to create more elevated and modern renditions of the classic wood front door when it comes to design. 

Different Front Door Styles

Your front door adds to your home’s aesthetic appearance and value. It quite literally acts as a portal from the outdoors into your home. This means that your replacement door needs to attract prospective buyers. Materials sometimes help achieve this goal. Here are some styles that will set you apart: 

Double Front Doors

Double front doors are a simple solution to the problem. Typically, most houses have a single front door. Double front doors can make your home feel more welcoming than it already is. Plus, two front doors allow for more unique design styles than homes with just one door. 

Barn Doors

Barn doors have a distinct aesthetic and don’t necessarily need to be placed in homes that employ the farmhouse style. A front door that opens halfway is also undoubtedly a draw if you live in a warmer climate. You can let in a breeze while keeping pets inside. 

Craftsman Doors

A craftsman door embodies the all-American design style. This style was popular in the early 20th Century but has persisted because of its simplicity. These doors are typically made of wood and include square window panes toward the top with a ledge below the glass. 

Find Door Replacements With AZ Valley Windows

At Arizona Valley Windows, we want to help you enhance your home’s curb appeal and comfort. We believe windows and doors are the keys to beauty, comfort, and efficiency. With us, you’ll get the individualized attention and service you deserve. We only use the best quality materials for our doors and windows. This means you can expect excellent products and first-rate service when you work with us at AZ Valley Windows. 

So, do you think it’s time to invest in a new front door? You’ll be doing yourself a favor by replacing your old door with something more fun that fits the style of your home. Plus, it’s an easy way to up the curb appeal in case you’re looking to put your house on the market anytime soon. Most of all, a new door will go a long way in impressing your friends and family when they come over to visit. If you live in Phoenix or the surrounding area, take a look at our other options to see what doors are available as your front door replacement.

Where to Get Specialty Windows in Any Shape

Where Can I Get Specialty Windows?

Windows are an essential part of any home and create a sense of openness, style, and beauty. Every home should have windows, but not every window is the same. While there are many kinds of windows, specialty windows truly make a home unique. Specialty windows can also be difficult to find, and often people have to go through different companies to get the exact specifications and type of window they would want. However, there are many reasons to get a non-traditional window and make your home one of a kind. 

house stairs

Why Specialty Windows?

One of the most exciting parts about owning or building a home is making it your own. While there are design choices like paint and fixtures, it isn’t the same as creating a whole new interior or exterior. A specialty window is like adding your own special touch to your home, and it doesn’t have to be only one. If you have a specific style you like, such as triangle windows or gable windows, or if you have a design in mind for your home, non-traditional windows can make your design look even better. Remodeling your home and updating it often leaves out windows, but it shouldn’t. Adding windows changes the entire feel of the inside of a home. You can add more light and decide where you want it to come from. It’s completely up to you, and it can truly make your house into a home. 

entrance windows

Types of Specialty Windows 

A great way to decide if you want unique windows is by learning more about the different types. There are several to choose from. 

Corner Windows

A beautiful design choice that adds an immense amount of natural light is a corner window. This window is designed to essentially replace a corner with a beautiful window. You can install this with or without a frame, but it will have to have a special reinforcement to ensure structural stability. You can also add aluminum framings to create a modern and beautiful look while saving on energy and more. If you have a beautiful view you want to show off, a corner window is perfect. It also adds an incredible amount of light. Similar in many ways to glass walls, it almost seems to remove the boundary between indoors and outdoors. You might even combine them to create a beautiful and unique design that truly shows off your gorgeous surroundings. 

Triangle Windows

A triangle window is a beautiful specialty window that is usually placed up in the eaves to create a sense of openness and add visual interest. Combined with large picture windows and glass walls, triangle windows can open an entire home wall, all the way up to the roofline. These can also add an interesting and creative look around your home, as they are a bold design choice. Custom windows like triangle windows are sometimes overlooked, but that makes them even more stunning in any home. They aren’t overused, and as they are often closer to the ceiling or roofline, they let in a lot of light at a great angle, where it will let in light that won’t add much glare and often adds a softer, more pleasant aura to a room. 

Gable Windows

A gable window and a dormer window sometimes get confused. A gable window is a specialty window that sits in the gable of a house and is a flat window. It can be any shape or size really, but it has to be in a flat location. Usually, gable windows tend to be small and decorative, letting in a bit of light to a foyer or living area. A dormer window is different because it is a protruding window that comes out from the roof of a house. You can use a gable window to add light in places like an attic or at the end of a hallway on the upper floor of a house as well. These are often looked at as windows that add character and charm to a home. 

Picture Windows

While specialty windows are incredible and unique, you can also add beautiful and special windows to your home with more traditional window shapes and sizes. One of the most classic and beautiful windows people love to add to their homes is picture windows. You can combine these with less common windows to add more light and capture views in your home, without adding any special costs for more unique windows. Picture windows are also highly customizable, and can be fitted to open. They can also have specialized glass and energy efficiency that make them even more fitting for the Phoenix area. Sometimes people move into a home with a picture window that is beautiful, but when it was installed it was not energy efficient. We can help correct this and help save your electric bill by replacing it with an updated window. Keep your gorgeous views, but keep your energy bills down! 

Residential Doors

Finding the Right Windows

Whether you want traditional or unique windows, there are so many options you can choose for your home. Making your home your own is such an exciting time. If you feel comfortable and happy in your home, it affects everything you do each day. Renovations are more common than ever before with the rising costs of homes, so this is the perfect time to update your home. Windows are one of the things in your home people can forget that not only make your home beautiful, but can actually save you money and add more natural light and even airflow. Create your dream home with the right windows and doors, and make sure you do it safely and correctly with AZ Valley Windows. We care about your dreams and goals, and we want to help make your home perfect.

What Is a Double-Hung Window?

What Defines a Double Hung Window?

Whether you are renovating, building, or just replacing some of your windows, it can be difficult to decide what kind of windows are right for you. There are costs to determine, as well as decisions to make for the highest versatility, energy efficiency, and beauty. It’s not just about home windows for sale, it’s about which ones fit the criteria you need. Double-hung windows are great additions to your home for many reasons, but most people don’t know the difference between a double-hung and a single-hung window. There are even twin double-hung windows! Sifting through the available home windows for sale and finding the right windows for you starts with being educated on the different kinds of windows, so you can see for yourself what you want. 

upstairs window

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows, also called double-sash windows, are characterized by two separate pieces of glass that are both able to move. This means the outer pane of glass and the inner pane of glass can shift up or down in the frame. This adds versatility, as it allows for both panes to be open at the same time. You get more airflow with a double-paned window. They are also easy to use and clean. Since you can open both sashes, you get easy access to both panes of glass on either side. There are varying designs of double-hung windows, including twin double-hung windows. This is a set of two double-paned windows that essentially create one giant window. People like twin double-hung windows over picture windows as a design choice, because they allow more airflow and are easier to clean.

Single-Hung Windows

A single-hung window, also called a single-sash window, is very similar to a double-hung window. The biggest difference is that only one of the panes of glass can move on a single-hung window. They can be less versatile, depending on your needs, but also less expensive. They are also more energy-efficient as they have fewer moving parts, which keeps air out. Some people prefer the look of a single-hung window as well, as they can look a bit sleeker with less hardware for opening and closing. They are a great choice for any home! 

Slider Windows

A slider window can come in two different forms because it is essentially a double-hung or single-hung window placed on its side. This means that they slide side-to-side, instead of sliding up and down. Slider windows are generally bigger than sash-style windows. This is one of the main reasons why people choose them for their homes. They offer a lot of light and airflow, and they are easier to open and close for people who may not be able to lift and move the sashes on single or double-hung windows. Slider windows are sometimes more difficult to clean, especially when they are on upper floors. However, slider windows sometimes have other issues, like improper drainage. If water gets under the sill, it can stay there for a long time and not drain away, causing other issues, like warping or molding. However, they are still a great choice for any homeowner, especially as they are cost-effective. 

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Casement Windows

Another kind of window you might want for your home is called a casement window, also known as a crank window. These are the only windows that can fully open and are available in the standard market! While this is a great feature, they can sometimes be flimsy and break easily. They can also be difficult to install, as they are almost always custom-sized. However, if properly latched, a casement window could be very difficult to open from the outside. They are tightly sealed when latched closed, and they can only be opened from the inside. They can be broken into, but most burglars don’t want to risk being heard breaking the glass, because that’s the only way you can get to the mechanism and open it from the outside. 

Awning Windows

An awning window is very similar to a casement window, but it opens from the top or bottom instead of side-to-side. These are a little more difficult to place in a home, but they are great for keeping out inclement weather while still letting ventilation in and out. They are as secure as casement windows. They often present as horizontal windows that are long and thin, meaning they can add a lot of light to a darker space, like the floor or a basement, but can also be tall, depending on your needs and aspirations. They are great windows that continue to get better as the industry evolves. 

Window Screens

These days, most people opt to stay away from window screens. However, outdoor window screens can be a great option for keeping out bugs, debris, weather, and more. These screens can be fitted to almost any kind of window, and people use them all over the world. You can even purchase more sturdy and secure window screens that can prevent burglars. Many of the newer screens are close to impenetrable and can protect windows from many different things. Some are made of steel mesh. This also means more privacy, as it is hard to look past the screen as well. They can also reduce solar heat, help with A/C costs, and offer one thing that is priceless: a bit more peace of mind. 

cleaning glass doors

Purchasing Windows

No matter what your home improvement project might be, knowing the different home windows for sale is important! It is much easier to make a great decision when you know all of your options! With AZ Valley Windows, you don’t even have to worry about cost, as we can help you finance your project. You deserve to have a beautiful home with gorgeous windows, and we can help you get there! It makes it that much more worth it to create your dream home.

Vinyl vs. Aluminum vs. Fiberglass: What Window to Choose

What are the Best Window Options?

The best window option varies from person to person, including when choosing vinyl vs. aluminum vs. fiberglass, and more. Each homeowner may seek a different benefit from one window option over another. Someone may desire an eco-friendly material while another desires a style that can hold large, unique glass designs – the best type of window depends on the eye of the beholder. 

Choosing the best window options for your home is often a strategic process. Determining whether you prefer style versus functionality or a combination can easily overwhelm any new or experienced homeowner. Additionally, you must consider the distinctions of vinyl vs. aluminum vs. fiberglass, including that of cost and more. Luckily, you don’t have to undergo the process alone. As experts in window design and installation, AZ Valley Windows is available to help you choose the best window for your home. Selecting the best window starts with understanding the difference between available window options as well as the factors to consider before settling on a window. 

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Types of Window Options


Vinyl windows are standard for most homes. A well-rounded product, they provide Some top benefits, such as mainly staying maintenance-free and requiring limited re-painting. Additionally, vinyl windows are the most inexpensive of the higher-end options compared to a typical aluminum window cost. While it’s easy for the heating or air conditioning bill to fluctuate in the cold or hot seasons, vinyl windows regulate in-home temperatures with energy-efficient conduction. Vinyl is the best choice for homeowners seeking a multi-purpose, affordable, and high-value option. 


Fiberglass windows offer some of the best energy-efficient solutions for any home. Fiberglass is an artificial product that provides the effect of wood grain material, yet has more durability than vinyl or wood. Fiberglass’s added strength allows you to incorporate unique window styles into larger panes. In fact, fiberglass may be the perfect option if you live in an area that frequently experiences severe weather. Unlike other window types, such as aluminum, which scratches and warps easily, fiberglass windows are mostly damage resistant, making them less likely to rust over time. If you seek an environmentally friendly and durable window option, fiberglass windows are a top choice. 


Aluminum windows are one of the premier window options on the market. However, when you compare a typical aluminum window cost to a typical fiberglass or vinyl window cost, you will often see a drastic price change. On the other hand, a higher costing product usually uses higher quality materials. Aluminum has several key benefits for homeowners to enjoy. For example, aluminum windows in sunny areas like Phoenix provide a modern flare with energy-efficient technology. These windows seal securely to keep out dirt and debris, while simultaneously blocking our excess noise. For the resident who enjoys a quiet, clean, contemporary home, consider investing in aluminum windows. 

backyard design

Deciding Factors

All window types have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Before finalizing your decision, consider the following factors to help you choose the right window for your home. 


Your financial budget usually has the final say on which windows you select. Typically, the average range for a vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass window cost starts with vinyl on the low end and increases as you consider fiberglass and then aluminum options. 

When searching for wood framing options, vinyl and fiberglass are reasonable alternatives, since wood is in high demand, yet has a low supply due to current manufacturing shortages. Of the three options, vinyl is the most affordable choice; vinyl windows have a 66% market share concerning residential installations. However, if you are willing to pay more, fiberglass has about 12-15% higher fees than vinyl, and aluminum costs as much as 40% more than vinyl. For context, vinyl windows are about 10 to 30% cheaper – including for purchase and installation – and a single vinyl window cost ranges from $500 to $800, compared to $600 to $1,000 for fiberglass windows.


Both vinyl and fiberglass windows are low maintenance. With these window types, you can easily hose off any moss, dirt, mildew, or mold and then scrub with soap and water. Aluminum, on the other hand, is a tougher material to maintain. When damage occurs – such as scratching, denting, or chipping – aluminum finishes tend to expose the raw material. When considering the high aluminum window cost, take your time to think over the cost-to-maintenance ratio before making a final decision. Better yet, contact your supplier or designer to see if they offer any warranties or advice on material durability. 


Imagine walking by your home up the front driveway while staring at a window you despise. Now imagine the opposite scenario – walking up the nicely landscaped pathway that leads to a series of windows that complement your home’s aesthetic. Which scenario would you prefer? 

When determining aluminum versus vinyl versus fiberglass window costs, the appearance of your desired windows usually becomes the determining factor. While you want a window that remains durable throughout many seasons, you ultimately want to purchase an aesthetically pleasing one. In that case, all three types of windows provide different appearances, and each adds varying levels of value to your home. 

In addition to the vinyl window cost remaining significantly lower than fiberglass or aluminum, vinyl windows offer a more traditional style. Both aluminum and vinyl windows are readily available in single, double, or multi-pane forms and almost any color or finish you prefer. That said, vinyl frames are thicker than the other options, whereas fiberglass’s thin frames provide more space for glass and lighting to shine through.

Both vinyl and fiberglass frames resemble wood grain textures – smooth, textured, or faux wood finishes. Many homeowners enjoy these styles more since they imitate classic wood finishes but require less upkeep. If you want a more modern style, aluminum frames provide sleeker finishes that best suit contemporary homes. In this case, the aluminum window cost and desire for updated features may outweigh the cheaper cost of vinyl.

Environment Friendly

Some homeowners may design homes with an eco-conscious mindset. In that case, fiberglass windows are the most environmentally friendly option available. Fiberglass windows tend to use upwards of 60% recycled glass in their construction. In fact, manufacturers designed fiberglass to sustain itself for decades, meaning it remains one of the most sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. Contrarily, vinyl windows use PVC plastic, which is difficult to recycle. If you can budget for the slightly higher fiberglass window cost, we recommend going with this option for eco-mindedness. 

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Choose Your Window From AZ Valley Windows

Choosing from various window materials, designs, and glass types can overwhelm any homeowner. To avoid overwhelming yourself or purchasing mediocre windows for your house, consider consulting professional contractors. AZ Valley Windows provides professional installation and custom consulting to ensure you remain satisfied with your decision. Whether you’re debating choosing for energy-efficient style or a style with larger intricate glass designs, our services will ensure you’re more than happy with your window choice. 

How Do Multi-Slide Doors Work?

What Is a Multi-Slide Door?

Imagine an uninterrupted view of the Phoenix landscape, with so much natural light pouring through the windows that you can barely tell where the indoor and outdoor spaces begin and end at your residential property. This is essentially how multi-slide doors work. So, how can you too live this experience? Consider investing in these doors to enhance your view, home design, and daily life

Unlike patio doors and other traditional doors, multi-slide doors offer seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor spaces. We also commonly refer to double or three panel sliding patio doors as “scenic doors” or “big doors” for this reason. But how do multi-slide doors work? These glass panels provide easy physical and visual access to the outdoors. While the standard patio door offers a small exit and glimpse into your backyard, multi-paneled sliding doors deliver an entire experience that benefits any home with functionality and aesthetic design.

glass screen doors

How to Work a Multi-Slide Glass Door

For a reason, a multi-slide door has certain budget considerations – they require refined installation techniques. To properly install the door, the installer must first partner with an engineer to check the necessary calculations beforehand. These calculations could include assessing the header carrying the door’s weight, planning for floor and ceiling space to allow proper door operation, and checking that the door measurements fit the space – especially if you want a customized set of panels.

If you are considering installing multi-slide doors for the first time, you might wonder about some more of their operation details. Multi-slide doors involve other additional features than a single door, (such as with double sliding doors), and have more than one moving panel in the aligned row. These panels stack side-by-side when opened to move towards a designated edge of the wall pocket. While some multi-slide doors require large amounts of space to stack their panels, they are typically ideal for most residential homes as they save floor space.

measuring door

Why Choose Multi-Slide Doors?

There are many reasons to choose multi-slide doors over the traditional single entry-exit door. Multi-slide doors are the best choice for any contemporary home with their versatile functionality, indoor-outdoor feel, and energy-efficient quality


Multi or double sliding patio doors offer wonderful opportunities for natural light to flood any home. Consider the design opportunities available to you with such natural light exposure. You can include more greenery within your indoor spaces, start a small herb garden, or design a small breakfast nook area close to these multi-slide doors. 


Double sliding patio doors are great options for smaller, compact homes. Instead of the three panel sliding patio door, which would take up too much space, consider investing in single or double sided patio doors. For energy-efficient homes or even tiny homes, these doors provide natural ventilation and prevent stuffiness.


The best home designs create natural transitions between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether through opening up walls or using sliding doors, connect the home’s areas to provide seamless spaces within decks, patios, or garden rooms. 


The typical range for a multi-slide door cost can vary. On average, you can pay roughly $700 to $2,000 per foot for folding doors, $600 to $3,200 for sliding panel doors, and $1,400 to $2,300 for doors that pivot. Additional costs include installation fees and hiring fees for an engineer to size your doors. While this may seem like a sizable amount, remember that you want high-quality, durable doors installed to maintain a safe home. Also, remember to adjust the estimated price of your doors based on material and glass type. 


Three panel sliding patio doors are stunning visual additions to any home. However, most multi-slide doors use glass, which can be see-through, depending on the type and materials. If you are concerned about privacy, investing in shades can cost around $2,000 to $3,500. As you will discover, just one multi-slide door costs a certain amount, but if you view the doors as an investment, they can provide numerous financial benefits, including for your home’s resale value, energy efficiency, and more.


On their own, sliding glass doors are not necessarily the safest option to choose. However, you can easily incorporate safe, beautiful sliding glass doors into your home by installing specific hardware. Depending on your door, you can integrate various lock systems such as foot locks, double-point locking systems, and even automatic locks connected to safety alarm systems. 


Sliding glass doors can quickly build up debris and experience normal wear and tear. To ensure your doors stay in the best shape, actively clean the glass of smudge prints. For functional reasons, check on build-up around the door tracks – heavy doors cannot glide as well over dirty tracks. 

Double Sliding Patio Doors

Experienced and first-time homeowners frequently confuse double sliding patio doors with french doors. French doors have hinges and open fully as one. However, these doors require more floor space than sliding doors to operate properly. In contrast, sliding patio doors use minimal floor space as they open horizontally. While french doors are aesthetically pleasing, they are only one of the most functional types. Of course, you can always opt to choose a multi-slide door with more than two panels if your home’s layout calls for it. Consider incorporating sliding doors into your floor layout for a flexible home design with less upkeep. 

Energy Efficiency

At AZ Valley Windows, we aim to provide clients with quality products that offer long-term benefits. Similar to our windows, our doors provide impactful energy efficiency. Living in Arizona is a costly experience, with warmer temperatures and considerations for expensive cooling systems. Our specially designed doors offer a convenient solution to decrease daily expenses. They are also more environmentally friendly. Help regulate the temperature of your home by investing in the right multi-slide door for you. With the varying material types and styles available, virtually all of our doors provide energy-efficient solutions. 

Material Types

Like our window offerings, double and three panel sliding patio doors come in several materials. While glass doors are the most popular option, you can frame your door using the following materials: vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum. Vinyl and fiberglass are the most cost-effective and durable as they’re manufactured materials that resemble natural wood grain. Aluminum is nearly 40% more expensive than the other two materials for a reason – while not as durable, it’s highly desired for its contemporary look.

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AZ Valley Windows Will Install Your Doors

After you’ve decided which multi or double slide doors best fit your home needs and visual design, connect with a certified company to install your doors. It’s important to use a reliable company of experts to avoid immediate or future safety hazards. With extensive professional experience and knowledge, AZ Valley Windows will safely and timely install your next set of multi-slide doors. Even if you’re current patio doors are nearly 20 years old, we can ensure they are safely installed and suggest any necessary updates.

Let Your Furry Friend Out With a New Pet Door


Benefits of a New Pet Door for Your Furry Friend

Owning and caring for a pet requires great responsibility. Pets need enrichment, attention, behavior training, walking, and so much more. With all that caring for a pet entails, the stress can sometimes lead us to forget how to make our lives easier with a few simple steps. What is AZ Valley Windows’ suggestion? We recommend that pet owners invest in cat and dog doors.

When looking for a new pet door, AZ Valley Windows offers many options for doors and more. Customized cat and doggie doors can come in a range of options, including pet doors for single, double, or sliding glass doors. With leading-edge designs, our pet doors will suit any homeowner and furry friend, while seamlessly blending into your door’s original design.

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Benefits of Cat and Dog Doors

Does your cat or dog scratch the paneling on your front door? When you return home from a long, tiresome day at work, can you take your pet out for a walk or clean its litter box? If you dread answering these questions, consider investing in a new pet door. With all cat and dog doors’ benefits, investing in a pet door is worth the time, effort, and expense. 

Improved Home Life

An improved home life is one of the primary benefits of installing a dog door for sliding glass doors or single-panel doors. Doggie door installation will improve the quality of life for both you and your pet and the physical state of your home. For instance, pets will have fewer accidents indoors, enjoy sufficient self-exercise when you are away, and bark less to get your attention for walks. On the owner’s end, pet doors will provide:

  • A more peaceful home environment.
  • Fewer scratches on walls or flooring.
  • Limited expenses for kennel services. 

Enrichment for Your Pet

Many people need to remember one important added benefit of pet doors – providing enrichment for your pets. According to the ASPCA, regular enrichment is crucial to a happy and healthy pet. Allowing pets to play and behave like they were meant to – chasing, scratching, chewing, and so on – creates a physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy pet.

Health and Behavior

When you don’t allow your pet to relieve themselves immediately, and they hold it, you expose your pet to many risks. On the more severe side – urinary tract infections; emotionally, you increase your pet’s anxiety and encourage poor training habits, as accidents are bound to happen. 

Letting your pet outside regularly throughout the day keeps them mentally stimulated and offers enrichment opportunities and positive reinforcement regarding behavioral habits. Additionally, most larger pets above 30 pounds don’t receive enough exercise staying solely inside. To ensure you have a physically fit animal, install a doggie door for easy access to the outside. Don’t forget – maintaining a well-loved pet also encourages healthy habits in owners as well, such as mindfulness and stress relief. 


One of the best reasons to install a cat or dog door for sliding glass doors is the impactful convenience. No matter how much you adore your pet, we have all experienced the dreadful moment when you’re about to fall asleep, yet your pet needs to go out. The barking or scratching continues until you finally give up, get up, and physically let your pet outside. 

Whether you let your pet outside for a walk or keep your litter box outdoors, it can seem like a hassle to open and close that sliding glass door each time. Consider investing in a convenient cat and dog door to provide your pet easy access to your indoor and outdoor property and give yourself a bit more sleep or personal time. 

Various Cat and Dog Door Options

Luckily, AZ Valley Windows offers several cat and dog door options. If you find yourself in the market for a new dog door for sliding glass doors, look no further. Our pet doors are top-of-the-line and customizable for every door type. For example, if you prefer a swing door, but desire more light in your home, consider a lovely glass insert in addition to installing a pet door. Or rather, try our swing and arcadia patio doors, which are optimal for outdoor-indoor pet door installations. 

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Addressing Your Concerns

We understand you may have concerns regarding installing a cat or doggie door. However, you’ll quickly find that the benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks. Here are a few of the most common concerns first-time pet-door owners have:

  • Is my home secure? 
  • Will it keep my pet safe? 
  • Is a custom doggie door expensive? 
  • How long will my pet door last?

At AZ Valley Windows, we’re more than happy to address these concerns. Our various types of pet doors offer different levels of security. Just like any regular door or window, a pet door is not completely unbreakable, but it will withstand any break-in attempts with added security measures during installation. These security measures will also keep your pet safe indoors and while passing outside. 

Our doors are made to last because we only provide the highest quality products. We can even size the measurements for a doggie door according to your animal’s height and weight. If you do require a replacement door, we offer replacement services through exceptional pet door contractors. 

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Invest in a Pet Door from AZ Valley Windows

Providing enrichment to pets is key to maintaining an emotionally and physically healthy animal. If you’re the type of owner who happens to leave home for extended periods throughout the day, or does remote work and can’t attend to your pet’s every need, consider investing in a cat and dog door. For the best solution, contact AZ Valley Windows today to discuss how to start enriching your life with pet doors and more.

Why Decorative Glass Entry Doors Never Go Out Of Style


Top Reasons Decorative Glass Entry Doors Never Go Out Of Style

The front door of a home is arguably the most important design choice any homeowner can make. It welcomes people into your space, and also provides you with everyday beauty as you enter and exit your home each day. While front door trends change, decorative glass entry doors are timeless and add so many benefits to your home. Not only are they beautiful, but there are also so many options for style, so your decorative glass entry doors will be truly unique. Creating the perfect entry to your home is quite an undertaking, so choosing the best entry doors for you is essential. There are several things to look at when choosing your front door, including safety, style, energy efficiency, and more. 

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Front Door Safety

The front door of your home has two purposes that can seem contradictory: to allow people in, and to keep people out. For this reason, a front door needs to be accessible and easy to open and close, (especially when you are in a hurry). It also needs to lock easily, but should be difficult to break or break into. There are many different locks and other things available to help your front door keep unwanted people out, and there are even smart locks available. While decorative glass doors may not seem as safe as other doors, they actually provide a lot of safety. 

Glass Door Safety

One of the main concerns people have with glass door safety is they feel people could look in. While this may be true, most decorative glass doors actually have frosted glass that makes everything blurry. This protects people inside the house and actually, helps people see intruders or unwanted visitors more clearly from inside. People might think it’s easier to break into a decorative glass door, but breaking the glass on these doors isn’t easy! The glass in the doors is quite strong. It is also much louder to break a glass panel than to break into a door any other way. It also adds a degree of danger for people breaking in, as breaking that glass can cause serious injury to a person. Owing to their difficulty to break, you also avoid any accidental breakage.

Energy Efficiency

Some people worry about getting decorative glass entry doors because they feel that it is not energy efficient. While this does depend on the individual door, there are many ways to ensure your glass doors are energy efficient. The best entry doors help you keep your energy bill down, but you also need to be careful not to prop one open or leave it cracked. The door itself needs to be installed with a good seal, so air doesn’t come in through the cracks around the door. 

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Door Materials

The actual material of the door matters as well. The glass itself can be made with special coatings or even just an extra layer of glass, which helps with temperature regulation. The rest of the door is more important when it comes to saving energy, and the best material depends on your specific setting. Some available materials include fiberglass, wood, aluminum, steel, and more. The framing also matters, so that the door can swing open and closed without serious wear and tear. It also needs to be well framed so wind and other weather can’t get through. The materials that make up your door matter, and while front door trends shift, energy efficiency is always useful. 

Front Door Styles

Knowing your aesthetic and the style you are looking for is important when it comes to choosing your front door. Trendy front doors in 2023 are still incorporating decorative glass because it truly never goes out of style. Decorative glass entry doors create natural light, which significantly brightens up your entryway and home. One of the best things about a front door style is that you can paint it pretty much any color you want. This year’s trendy front doors are adding pops of color that match your interior, like teal, blues, reds, and even yellows. You can make your front door into anything you want, and adding a beautiful decorative glass panel or panels makes such a big difference. Front door trends come and go, but decorative glass is always a great choice for your home, especially in a sunny and beautiful place like Phoenix, AZ. 

Other Important Features

There are some other things that contribute to finding the perfect door for you, including price! Luckily, financing is available for doors, so you can have exactly what you want without worrying. You also can choose things like your doorknob and hardware, including smart door technology and installation of cameras. There are also beautiful metal features you can add to glass doors that can protect the glass, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking while still enjoying natural lighting. There are truly so many options when it comes to your perfect front door. 

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Updating Your Front Door

If you want to update your outdated or unattractive front door, it’s so easy to get a replacement! Front doors can wear down over time, causing safety issues and other concerns. If you have a front door that looks old or the paint is peeling, it can even lower the value of your home. Quick, efficient replacement services mean you can have a new door installed in just a few hours. You can also look at doors in different price points and styles, so you choose exactly what you want. While we recommend decorative glass entry doors, the best entry doors are the ones that mean the most to you and make you happy. You have to see it every day, so pick a door you love! 

How Windows are Made


The Importance of How Windows are Made

A beautiful home is nothing without windows, but most people don’t know how windows are made. Glass itself is can make for a beautiful home addition, but it’s fragile and easily shatters. A pane of glass is specially produced and made so it’s strong and can withstand the weather. It also has to be made in a way that doesn’t attract the sun’s rays too much and cause house fires. A pane of glass can’t just be placed in a window frame, it has to be tempered and prepared so it will work properly as a plate glass window or other in your home. The actual process that glass undergoes before it goes into a window frame at a house starts in a factory that produces the specialized glass.

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How Glass Is Made

Understanding how to make glass is the first step to understanding how windows are made. Glass is actually made by heating sand to a very high temperature, so it melts. Before people really understood how to make glass, they wouldn’t add anything to the sand to help it melt. Now, we use very fine sand mixed with other materials like soda ash, dolomite, salt, and limestone. These materials refine and strengthen the glass, so it can be clear and strong. It is then heated and reheated to increase strength and then chilled with sudden blasts of cold air, which tempers it. Window glass is usually coated with glazes that insulate, absorb heat, or even reflect light.  Each pane of glass is formed into large sheets of varying thicknesses. 

Cutting the Window Pane

Once the glass is formed into a large sheet, it can then be cut to size. A plate glass window can come in quite large dimensions, and the largest window in the world is about 54 by 10 feet, but this is much bigger than most people will ever need or want! Most people want separate panes to create a glass wall if they want large windows. These create spectacular views and lighting in your home. Large glass windows are interesting and beautiful, but are often just as beautiful in smaller panes of glass too. 

Cutting Glass by Machine

Plate glass windows are usually cut using a machine that perforates them, almost like a piece of paper. Then workers can easily snap them apart. Cutting them all the way through could sometimes damage them, so the machines can only do so much. Cutting the glass is actually a very safe process with new technology, and it is very rare for glass to shatter during this process unless there is something wrong with it. 

Unique and Specialty Windows

Sometimes a square or rectangular window isn’t what someone looks for in their home. There are ways to cut and prepare windows that customize them for a client’s home. There are many options for cutting dome-shaped, circular, half-moon, and other shapes for windows that really make a home unique. If you are seeking specialty windows cut to your specifications, there are many options to bring beautiful large glass windows into your home. You can also get windows that have specialty glass, like frosted or colored glass. These windows can be cut to size as well. 

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Making a Window  

One of the essential things to know about windows and how windows are made is that they are often made up of two panes of glass that have been sealed together. Single-pane windows are not as energy efficient and are becoming less and less popular, especially in warm places like Arizona. Double-pane windows are much more efficient and help keep your home safe and temperature-controlled. They can be more expensive, but can also definitely be worth the price! These windows are made by sealing two panes of glass together so that nothing can get between them. They are separated by a spacer, and an airtight gap is created. They can fill this gap with a gas like Argon that will keep water from getting in between the panes. Double-paned windows insulate your home and keep temperatures regulated. They also help with security, as they are harder to break.

Assembling a Window

Once the glass has been prepared, windows are put into a frame. Window frames are specifically designed to hold the glass in place, but also help seal the window. Glass actually can expand when heated and shrink when cooled. The frame of the window helps the glass to expand or shrink as needed without creating an opening to the outside. A good window is nothing without a good frame! Frames can be made of a variety of materials, but most modern frames are made of vinyl, metal, or fiberglass. Each material has different benefits, so there are many reasons why a contractor or homeowner might want one over the other. Having the right window frame also can help with safety, because window frames are where a locking mechanism comes into play. Some windows don’t have opening and closing mechanisms, so it’s important to decide what you want.

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What Windows Should You Choose?

Knowing how windows are made can help you decide what windows are right for you. If you want energy efficiency, you might want to look into double-paned windows. Maybe you don’t want the sunlight to be as bright in your home, so you can get a special coating for that. Perhaps you want large glass windows, but you want them to be framed with metal instead of vinyl. There are many options that help you decide what might be best for your home. Each customer deserves value and high-quality materials that will benefit their home and suit their individual needs. Choosing the right windows can be complicated, even when you understand the basics of windows and the options available. Make sure to work with people you trust to help you decide what windows are best for you and your home. 

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