Adding Elegance to Your Home with French Doors

What are French Doors? 

The style that originated in Italy, was popularized by the French, and featured in the design of the Palace of Versailles in the 17th century is still a popular design choice. These doors have seen and been a part of design styles and periods from Neoclassical, Victorian, Art Deco, Mid-century Modern, and Contemporary. While the styles of these doors have evolved and adapted over the years, the fundamental characteristics remain the same. 


These defining characteristics include multiple glass panels and the use of light and transparency in design. French doors come in pairs, with doors hinged on the sides that swing open, either inward or outward. While the panels are made of glass, the door frames can be made of various materials. Frame options include wood, metal, fiberglass, or a combination of materials. Wooden-framed French doors have a more traditional and classic look, while metal and fiberglass framed doors fit more with a modern and contemporary design. These doors are popular because of their traditional and classic appearance, while metal or fiberglass doors offer durability and a more modern aesthetic.



Exterior French Doors


French doors are common in both interior and exterior design. Indoors, they are often used to divide rooms and provide a functional division of different living areas. Exterior French doors are often used as exterior patio doors, or an entry to an outdoor living space such as a garden. 


These doors have been used in exterior spaces for hundreds of years. Part of their initial rise in popularity was due to their ability to provide an elegant transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, such as balconies and gardens. They allow natural light to flow between spaces and provide a sense of openness in the space. 




Why Use French Patio Doors? 


When it comes to designing the perfect patio, there are options for exterior patio doors. Sliding or even multi-slide patio doors are a popular option, as well as bifold patio doors. Why choose French patio doors over other options? Generally, it comes down to aesthetics. 


French patio doors offer an elegance and timelessness that other exterior patio doors may not. The classic and historical design of French doors will not be going out of style anytime soon. Using these doors for your patio adds plenty of natural light to your living space. They also provide a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor space. Additionally, these doors can be more secure than sliding patio doors with the appropriate locking mechanisms in place. 


The main downside of choosing French patio doors is the need for more floor or ground space when compared to a sliding door. Exterior French doors swing open, either into the home or into the patio space. Floor space is needed to allow the doors to open, something not required for sliding doors. French doors can also be more costly than sliding doors, but we believe they are worth the investment

French Patio Door Ideas 


Any exterior French door can add elegance to your outdoor living space. We have some ideas for choosing and styling the best exterior patio doors. 


While this style is known for its timeless and classic design, don’t be afraid to consider a contemporary style. Choosing a metal frame French door easily combines a classic style with a more modern aesthetic. A rounded French door can also create a more modern look. 


You can create a cohesive aesthetic throughout your home by using similar-style French doors in interior spaces. In the same way that you want your interior molding, door, and window frames to be the same, continuing the same style of door can bring the entire look together. Using these doors inside allows for more sunlight throughout the whole space. 


When deciding on an exterior French door, consider both the look from the inside and the exterior facade. You can even paint or stain the interior and exterior sides of the door differently to blend in with interior walls and outdoor spaces. 


To add even more natural light to your space, consider installing additional windows above or to the sides of your door. Or install more than one French door along a long exterior wall. 


All of these are ideas to consider when choosing exterior French doors for your home. 





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