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The Importance of Professional Window Installation Services

Arizona’s hot temperatures make the task of installing windows and doors much more difficult for the consumer than it has to be. Opening up your home to the elements can lead to significant discomfort. A professional window installation prioritizes meeting your needs while also keeping your home as comfortable as possible. Proper window installations should be taken seriously to avoid potential structural damage or health risks that can accompany a shoddy replacement job. To understand why, it is first important to consider the role that windows play in home architecture.

What Do Windows Do for a Home?

Windows are a critical component of home architecture. Windows provide natural light and airflow to room layouts. Both of these are essential for human health since humans regulate their circadian rhythm by the rising and falling of the sun. Apartments without enough windows make it difficult to sense the day and night cycle, causing disorientation and difficulty perceiving time. Windows also add to a building’s sense of architectural harmony. There is nothing more boring to look at in architecture than a flat blank wall. Breaking up and alternating stretches of walls with windows make buildings interesting to look at and improves their property value. The same is true for interior design, since sources of natural light determine the best locations for plants, furniture, and open spaces. Systems and practices of interior design like feng shui are very intentional about respecting the locations of windows in each room.


Why Take New Windows Installation Seriously?

Window installation is a precise science for good reason. Since windows are quite literally open spaces in walls, they are also a potential weakness that can cause issues related to airflow, weather, climate, security, and structural damage. Insufficient caulking can lead to drafts flowing through the window frames themselves. In climates with severe hot or cold weather, this leeches a homeowner’s money since it wastes energy spent on interior climate control. Improperly sealed windows can also cause water buildup that can lead to rot in the window frame material itself or even the surrounding support beams and drywall. The weight of the window, if it is not supported properly, can lead to cracks in the wall that accentuate all other issues. Each of these problems, in addition to creating costly damage that can easily snowball out of control, also impacts the cosmetic quality of your building.

This is to say nothing of potential risks if the window itself was not manufactured properly. A poorly functioning lock is a security risk since anyone outside could simply slide open the window uninterrupted. Some locks also offer assistance in sealing the window shut, which further combats drafts. If your window is unable to stay open, depending on the mechanics of how it opens and shuts, it can lead to injury. It also interferes with the window’s function in providing airflow, which at best leads to your space smelling musty, and at worst poses a health risk. The older a window is, the more likely it will develop a mechanical issue and require replacement. A proper window installation is essential.

 How Professional Window Installations Work

When you seek assistance in door replacements and new window installations, the crew you work with follows several steps to get the job done. Presuming you have already chosen your replacement frames and had your consultation with the installation company, here is how it works. The size of your window frames will be measured for accuracy in replacement. You set an installation date with the professional window installation company by their delivery timeline for the replacement frames. Before the installation day, you should prep the relevant rooms to make sure they are safe to work in. Cover all furniture with tarps or sheets and move them away from the windows. Empty the room of potentially fragile objects. Deactivate or neutralize alarms, and if any landscaping gets in the way, make sure it is clear before the crew arrives.

The rest of the work is the proper window installation itself. Depending on the size of the crew, they will either replace the windows one at a time or in multiple spots simultaneously. The crew will remove the old windows, place the new ones in, seal and secure them to the walls, and move on to the next window. A small number of window replacements can be a one-day project, but with larger windows or a higher number of them,  the project might stretch over a few days. Stay out of the way of the installation crew as they work, but don’t be afraid to communicate clearly with any specific Instructions or logistics. Make sure any children or pets won’t accidentally stumble into the construction zone. Then, when the replacements are finished, do a final walk-through to check for quality and potential damage. Congratulations! Your professional window installation is complete.


Coordinating Between Installing Windows and Doors

Not every project is limited to just new window installations, and not every company is qualified to install doors. It may be tempting to contact two different companies that specialize in each area just to get it done. However, your best bet when planning to replace both the windows and doors of your property is to work with a company that has experience doing both at once.

In addition to allowing you more freedom in coordinating the aesthetic across your whole home, installing windows and doors in the same project timeline is much less of a hassle and costs less money overall. Professional window installation may improve the quality of light in your home but updating your front entrance will immediately elevate your home’s look for anyone who drives and walks past. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right. The right method for installing windows and doors is to coordinate with an experienced company.

If you’re located in the Phoenix, Arizona area, a perfect example of an experienced door and window installation company is AZ Valley Windows. We do our best to complete our work in as efficient a manner as possible to keep you comfortable in your own home. However, this does not mean that we skimp on options for customization or specificity. We give a free consultation to all new customers so we can get to know you and your preferences as best as we can. Our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau is no joke and we live up to that reputation every day.   If you’re looking for a proper window installation, call us or fill out our form for a free quote.

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