Finding the Perfect Fiberglass Entry Door

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When you think of an entry door, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t fiberglass. Most of the time, if someone is picturing a front door to a home, it’s likely made out of wood. However, just because an option is the most typical choice doesn’t mean that it’s the only choice. In fact, deviating from the most obvious choice is what helps homeowners stand out from the rest of the crowd. When it comes to the design of your home, you want to balance practicality, style, and price. Most people can’t spend outrageous amounts of money. Plus, everyone wants to have a stylish home that makes living more comfortable. In this article, we’ll talk about why you should invest in a fiberglass entry door. Not only that, but we’ll also help you find the perfect fiberglass front door for your home.

Why Buy Exterior Fiberglass Doors?

Fiberglass doors don’t get nearly enough love compared to the other materials we use for exterior doors. This is unfortunate because there are actually quite a few benefits to buying exterior fiberglass doors. The first is its strength and longevity. This might be the most important quality to look for in a front door. You want all of your exterior doors, especially the front door, to be able to withstand quite a bit. This includes everyday wear and tear as well as severe weather and potentially, home invaders. While this last part probably won’t happen, you have to think of the worst-case scenario. For example, in extreme weather conditions, fiberglass entry doors offer much more protection against flying debris than steel or wood. A fiberglass entry door withstands the test of time without needing much maintenance.

Another reason to choose a fiberglass front door is the price. For most people, price is a huge factor. When you’re installing a new door, the price is determined by a couple of different components of the project. One of the first is the type of material. This will typically determine most of the overall cost of the door. Another factor is the type of installation you’re looking at. A custom installation will cost more than a basic one. Additionally, any potential drywall work and door hardware will also add to the cost. Plus, fiberglass entry doors can cost you anything from 150 dollars to 7,000 dollars. In the median range, fiberglass front doors are typically less pricey than most wood doors. And exterior fiberglass doors come in literally hundreds of styles. This means that there is more opportunity to customize your door than when using other materials. 

How to Find a Perfect Fiberglass Entry Door

It can be difficult to choose what kind of front door to buy for your home. As we’ve already gone over, fiberglass doors tend to be stronger and more durable than other types. And while it might seem antithetical to that point, fiberglass actually makes for some pretty lightweight doors. And, of course, lightweight doors are easier to install than heavier doors. This means that a fiberglass entry door will cost less to install than heavier ones like those made from wood or steel. 

Another perk to investing in fiberglass front doors is that it’s actually more energy efficient. Fiberglass is known to reduce heat transfer. This means that you’ll be able to better keep cold air in during the summertime and warm air in during the winter. Unlike wood, which can warp and let in drafts, fiberglass won’t change from its original shape. So you can expect to maintain the most ideal temperatures in your home no matter the weather with fiberglass exterior doors. This can certainly help you feel more comfortable in your own home. And it also cuts down on energy use, saving you money on energy costs. Then, overall, saving energy ends up helping the environment. The less energy you use, the more you reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Where to Buy Lightweight Doors

So, how do you know that you’re purchasing the right door? Well, it all boils down to your preferences. However, we suggest that you choose a door style that speaks to your personality while keeping durability in mind. After all, the main point of having exterior doors is to keep the bad stuff out. This includes bad weather, intruders, and more. So having a strong exterior door is imperative. Without durability, you might as well not have any doors at all. But personal style is also important when choosing your front door. You want to show off your own unique flair in your home design. The front door is one of the best places to do that because it’s the first impression people get from your home. Fiberglass doors are much more customizable than many of the other materials while retaining the durability and strength you need.

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Find the Best Fiberglass Entry Doors With AZ Valley Windows

Maybe you’re looking to replace the front door of your existing home. Or maybe you want to ensure that you have the best front door on the block by the time your home is finished. Either way, we understand your need to have stylish exterior doors. Choosing the right company for your door installation can be quite difficult. That’s why you should work with us at AZ Valley Windows. We are a well-known and reputable window and door company. We’re known in Phoenix for our dedication to our clients and commitment to getting the job done well. Our staff tries our hardest to work with you to turn your dream front door into a reality. At AZ Valley Windows, we want to enhance the comfort, safety, efficiency, and beauty of your home. 

We give each and every client we work with the individualized attention that they deserve. Our service is geared towards your personal needs, and we strive to have the best communication possible with our customers. For more information about fiberglass front doors or our services and products, check out our website or book a consultation with us today.

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