How Pet Doors Can Benefit You and Your Furry Friends

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If you’ve been considering pet doors for a while now, you may ask yourself, “Should I get a dog door?” or “Are dog doors a good idea?” We’re here to tell you that, yes, they are! Many pet owners have concerns about installing a pet door, but having one has many benefits. At AZ Valley Windows, we are committed to helping you enhance your home’s comfort, beauty, and efficiency by providing the highest-performance windows and doors that suit your needs. Let’s look at what pet doors are, as well as how they can benefit you and your furry friends!

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Good for Your Pet’s Health

Any pet should be regularly going outside and relieving themselves. If small pets refrain from urinating for long periods, this can lead to severe infections and health problems. These infections can be excruciating for your pet. Some examples of the repercussions of leaving your dog inside all day, holding in urine for hours and hours include: 

  • UTI infections
  • Bladder infections
  • Bladder stones
  • Kidney infections
  • Weakened bladder
  • Toxic back-up 

The perfect solution is allowing your pet access to go outside with a pet door. This helps your pet run freely when the urge arises instead of waiting to be let out. This can also help reduce any risks and infections for your pet. Potty training can be a struggle, but the outdoors is a great space for many pets to be adequately trained. Installing a dog door for safety into your sliding or back door can relieve this stress and keep your home in better shape. Keeping your dog healthy is the biggest benefit when considering “Should I get a dog door?” 

Give Your Pet More Freedom 

There are many benefits to having a pet door in your home. Firstly, it gives your pet more freedom and independence to explore the outdoors without waiting for you to let them out. This is especially useful if you work long hours or have a busy schedule. They cand let themselves out for the restroom, or in from the Casa Grande heat on their own. With a pet door, you’ll no longer need to be your pet’s doorman. They can quickly run in and out as much as they want! Another significant benefit of having a pet door is saving you time and energy. You won’t need to constantly get up and let your pet in and out of the house, which can be especially helpful if you have multiple pets. 

Improve Your Pet’s Physical and Mental Health

A pet door can also help improve your pet’s physical and mental health. Dogs and cats need a lot of exercise to feel healthy, and access to the outdoors allows them to run, play, and explore. Having a pet door also allows your pets to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, which can boost their mood and reduce stress. Often pets can’t get the exercise they need by staying indoors, so running in more expansive, open spaces can ensure that your pet stays fit and trim. A back door with a dog door or wall installation pet door is perfect for your pet to run in and out of the backyard. 

Pet doors can also help out with your pet’s happiness. According to some animal behavioral experts, going outside can help decrease a dog’s boredom, anxiety, and depression. Being inside all day can impact your pet’s mental health and cause isolation. Having a pet door can help relieve this! For cats, going outside is essential to hunt. Cats are natural and expert hunters who follow through with these instincts even when they’re well-fed. Your pet’s behavior can also be improved and managed with a pet door, preventing unnecessary barking or even aggressive behavior. 

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Keep Your Home Clean 

If you’ve ever had a pet, you’d probably deal with multiple accidents within your home that you would rather not deal with. If you plan on getting a puppy, or if you have an older dog, you’ll probably know that they have a more challenging time controlling themselves when they need to go. This can cause you problems. This is where a pet door can be your best friend! Your pet can efficiently run out whenever they need to go. If you are a pet owner, you’re probably familiar with dogs chewing, scratching, or exhibiting other negative behavior on furniture or other household items when they cannot go outside. All these problematic types of behavior can be solved by getting a pet door! 

Owner and Dog Door Safety 

Pet owners who live in extreme climates will sometimes hesitate to install a pet door since they want to avoid energy loss or increasing heating or cooling bills. The good news regarding dog door safety is that many pet doors for walls and doors are now made with heavy-duty flaps for increased insulation. When it comes to security worries, know that easy accessibility indoors and outdoors for your pet can prove helpful in dangerous situations. Pet doors today can lock, and some have super secure covers that you can use at night or while on vacation. Electronic options are also available. They will only open when your pet approaches the door using a collar key. You’ll be in good hands with AZ Valley Windows regarding dog door safety. 

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Are Dog Doors a Good Idea?

If you ask, “Are dog doors a good idea?” or “Should I get a dog door?” we hope this article answers your questions. A pet door can benefit you and your furry friend in many ways. It can give your pet more freedom, improve their health, save time and energy, and make pet care more manageable. If you’re considering getting a pet door, choose one from a quality place, such as AZ Valley Windows! We can help you choose the right size and type for your pet and home. Door contractors carry out our pet door replacements in the Casa Grande area. Check out our discounts and promotions, and contact us today!

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