How Windows are Made

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The Importance of How Windows are Made

A beautiful home is nothing without windows, but most people don’t know how windows are made. Glass itself is can make for a beautiful home addition, but it’s fragile and easily shatters. A pane of glass is specially produced and made so it’s strong and can withstand the weather. It also has to be made in a way that doesn’t attract the sun’s rays too much and cause house fires. A pane of glass can’t just be placed in a window frame, it has to be tempered and prepared so it will work properly as a plate glass window or other in your home. The actual process that glass undergoes before it goes into a window frame at a house starts in a factory that produces the specialized glass.

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How Glass Is Made

Understanding how to make glass is the first step to understanding how windows are made. Glass is actually made by heating sand to a very high temperature, so it melts. Before people really understood how to make glass, they wouldn’t add anything to the sand to help it melt. Now, we use very fine sand mixed with other materials like soda ash, dolomite, salt, and limestone. These materials refine and strengthen the glass, so it can be clear and strong. It is then heated and reheated to increase strength and then chilled with sudden blasts of cold air, which tempers it. Window glass is usually coated with glazes that insulate, absorb heat, or even reflect light.  Each pane of glass is formed into large sheets of varying thicknesses. 

Cutting the Window Pane

Once the glass is formed into a large sheet, it can then be cut to size. A plate glass window can come in quite large dimensions, and the largest window in the world is about 54 by 10 feet, but this is much bigger than most people will ever need or want! Most people want separate panes to create a glass wall if they want large windows. These create spectacular views and lighting in your home. Large glass windows are interesting and beautiful, but are often just as beautiful in smaller panes of glass too. 

Cutting Glass by Machine

Plate glass windows are usually cut using a machine that perforates them, almost like a piece of paper. Then workers can easily snap them apart. Cutting them all the way through could sometimes damage them, so the machines can only do so much. Cutting the glass is actually a very safe process with new technology, and it is very rare for glass to shatter during this process unless there is something wrong with it. 

Unique and Specialty Windows

Sometimes a square or rectangular window isn’t what someone looks for in their home. There are ways to cut and prepare windows that customize them for a client’s home. There are many options for cutting dome-shaped, circular, half-moon, and other shapes for windows that really make a home unique. If you are seeking specialty windows cut to your specifications, there are many options to bring beautiful large glass windows into your home. You can also get windows that have specialty glass, like frosted or colored glass. These windows can be cut to size as well. 

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Making a Window  

One of the essential things to know about windows and how windows are made is that they are often made up of two panes of glass that have been sealed together. Single-pane windows are not as energy efficient and are becoming less and less popular, especially in warm places like Arizona. Double-pane windows are much more efficient and help keep your home safe and temperature-controlled. They can be more expensive, but can also definitely be worth the price! These windows are made by sealing two panes of glass together so that nothing can get between them. They are separated by a spacer, and an airtight gap is created. They can fill this gap with a gas like Argon that will keep water from getting in between the panes. Double-paned windows insulate your home and keep temperatures regulated. They also help with security, as they are harder to break.

Assembling a Window

Once the glass has been prepared, windows are put into a frame. Window frames are specifically designed to hold the glass in place, but also help seal the window. Glass actually can expand when heated and shrink when cooled. The frame of the window helps the glass to expand or shrink as needed without creating an opening to the outside. A good window is nothing without a good frame! Frames can be made of a variety of materials, but most modern frames are made of vinyl, metal, or fiberglass. Each material has different benefits, so there are many reasons why a contractor or homeowner might want one over the other. Having the right window frame also can help with safety, because window frames are where a locking mechanism comes into play. Some windows don’t have opening and closing mechanisms, so it’s important to decide what you want.

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What Windows Should You Choose?

Knowing how windows are made can help you decide what windows are right for you. If you want energy efficiency, you might want to look into double-paned windows. Maybe you don’t want the sunlight to be as bright in your home, so you can get a special coating for that. Perhaps you want large glass windows, but you want them to be framed with metal instead of vinyl. There are many options that help you decide what might be best for your home. Each customer deserves value and high-quality materials that will benefit their home and suit their individual needs. Choosing the right windows can be complicated, even when you understand the basics of windows and the options available. Make sure to work with people you trust to help you decide what windows are best for you and your home. 

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