Let Your Furry Friend Out With a New Pet Door

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Benefits of a New Pet Door for Your Furry Friend

Owning and caring for a pet requires great responsibility. Pets need enrichment, attention, behavior training, walking, and so much more. With all that caring for a pet entails, the stress can sometimes lead us to forget how to make our lives easier with a few simple steps. What is AZ Valley Windows’ suggestion? We recommend that pet owners invest in cat and dog doors.

When looking for a new pet door, AZ Valley Windows offers many options for doors and more. Customized cat and doggie doors can come in a range of options, including pet doors for single, double, or sliding glass doors. With leading-edge designs, our pet doors will suit any homeowner and furry friend, while seamlessly blending into your door’s original design.

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Benefits of Cat and Dog Doors

Does your cat or dog scratch the paneling on your front door? When you return home from a long, tiresome day at work, can you take your pet out for a walk or clean its litter box? If you dread answering these questions, consider investing in a new pet door. With all cat and dog doors’ benefits, investing in a pet door is worth the time, effort, and expense. 

Improved Home Life

An improved home life is one of the primary benefits of installing a dog door for sliding glass doors or single-panel doors. Doggie door installation will improve the quality of life for both you and your pet and the physical state of your home. For instance, pets will have fewer accidents indoors, enjoy sufficient self-exercise when you are away, and bark less to get your attention for walks. On the owner’s end, pet doors will provide:

  • A more peaceful home environment.
  • Fewer scratches on walls or flooring.
  • Limited expenses for kennel services. 

Enrichment for Your Pet

Many people need to remember one important added benefit of pet doors – providing enrichment for your pets. According to the ASPCA, regular enrichment is crucial to a happy and healthy pet. Allowing pets to play and behave like they were meant to – chasing, scratching, chewing, and so on – creates a physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy pet.

Health and Behavior

When you don’t allow your pet to relieve themselves immediately, and they hold it, you expose your pet to many risks. On the more severe side – urinary tract infections; emotionally, you increase your pet’s anxiety and encourage poor training habits, as accidents are bound to happen. 

Letting your pet outside regularly throughout the day keeps them mentally stimulated and offers enrichment opportunities and positive reinforcement regarding behavioral habits. Additionally, most larger pets above 30 pounds don’t receive enough exercise staying solely inside. To ensure you have a physically fit animal, install a doggie door for easy access to the outside. Don’t forget – maintaining a well-loved pet also encourages healthy habits in owners as well, such as mindfulness and stress relief. 


One of the best reasons to install a cat or dog door for sliding glass doors is the impactful convenience. No matter how much you adore your pet, we have all experienced the dreadful moment when you’re about to fall asleep, yet your pet needs to go out. The barking or scratching continues until you finally give up, get up, and physically let your pet outside. 

Whether you let your pet outside for a walk or keep your litter box outdoors, it can seem like a hassle to open and close that sliding glass door each time. Consider investing in a convenient cat and dog door to provide your pet easy access to your indoor and outdoor property and give yourself a bit more sleep or personal time. 

Various Cat and Dog Door Options

Luckily, AZ Valley Windows offers several cat and dog door options. If you find yourself in the market for a new dog door for sliding glass doors, look no further. Our pet doors are top-of-the-line and customizable for every door type. For example, if you prefer a swing door, but desire more light in your home, consider a lovely glass insert in addition to installing a pet door. Or rather, try our swing and arcadia patio doors, which are optimal for outdoor-indoor pet door installations. 

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Addressing Your Concerns

We understand you may have concerns regarding installing a cat or doggie door. However, you’ll quickly find that the benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks. Here are a few of the most common concerns first-time pet-door owners have:

  • Is my home secure? 
  • Will it keep my pet safe? 
  • Is a custom doggie door expensive? 
  • How long will my pet door last?

At AZ Valley Windows, we’re more than happy to address these concerns. Our various types of pet doors offer different levels of security. Just like any regular door or window, a pet door is not completely unbreakable, but it will withstand any break-in attempts with added security measures during installation. These security measures will also keep your pet safe indoors and while passing outside. 

Our doors are made to last because we only provide the highest quality products. We can even size the measurements for a doggie door according to your animal’s height and weight. If you do require a replacement door, we offer replacement services through exceptional pet door contractors. 

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Invest in a Pet Door from AZ Valley Windows

Providing enrichment to pets is key to maintaining an emotionally and physically healthy animal. If you’re the type of owner who happens to leave home for extended periods throughout the day, or does remote work and can’t attend to your pet’s every need, consider investing in a cat and dog door. For the best solution, contact AZ Valley Windows today to discuss how to start enriching your life with pet doors and more.

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