Should I Invest in Exterior French Doors?

Are you looking for the best patio doors to replace your existing residential property doors? You have many options when it comes to upgrading, replacing, or renovating various spaces of your home – especially when on a budget. Never before has the essential door-window hybrid looked or operated better than it does today. However, it’s worth knowing whether an investment in exterior French doors, for example, is realistic and ultimately worth pursuing. If you’re living in the Phoenix, Arizona area, our team at AZ Valley Windows is your ultimate source for clarity and considerations regarding any of your door and window questions and needs. So, should you invest in exterior French doors?

Perhaps you have a brand-new patio area you want to enjoy the views of. or you want to open a sunny passage area from your living room. Perhaps you just want to enjoy more of the beautiful landscapes surrounding your residential property. When the French crossed windows with doors back in the 1600s, they had something fairly similar in mind. A century later, exterior French doors were exported to North America as pairs of multi paned doors that you could open to catch a nice breeze in the summertime while inviting the sun inside year-round. Today, these popular doors are available in a wide assortment of styles, including doors with uninterrupted panes of glass and doors with criss-cross diamond-shaped grids that slide as well as swing. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of investing in exterior French doors, including French patio doors, sliding French doors, or double French doors. 


Buying Exterior French Doors

In addition to the advancements that are affecting current styles and materials of doors and windows, exterior French doors also boast new engineering. New engineering means you can enjoy a greater level of wind resistance, energy efficiency, and property security. You can have greater peace of mind knowing that your valuable residential property is safe and secure from potential external threats. And you can enjoy a greater amount of air and light to reward your effort and budget. 

Unlike many windows, French patio doors, double French doors, and other types of sliding French doors can provide your home with a lot of light, effectively creating a sense of always being outside, which can have mental and emotional benefits. What are the specific design details that make up these valuable exterior doors? Today’s particular French doors for exterior spaces typically arrive prehung in wooden frames complete with weatherstripping and a sill. These qualities alone can effectively simplify your door installation process. Our team of caring professionals at AZ Valley Windows in Phoenix can help make your next exterior door, exterior window, and any door and window installation easy and enjoyable. Optional additional hardware, grills, and other attributes can be added to your door to round out the style of the exterior door.

French Patio Doors

In addition to knowledge and expertise, our team ensures the highest level of quality products, materials, and installation, and provides the details you need to make a solid decision. We want to make sure you make the best choice for your particular exterior door needs and aspirations. One of the most popular types of sliding French doors is French patio doors. These exterior doors are a worthwhile investment for the outside and inside of your home, giving it a custom style. There are three essential French patio door designs you can choose from, including single-hinged, double-hinged, and sliding patio French doors. With single-hinged patio French doors, you can enjoy having a greater amount of light and a greater sense of openness to your interior and exterior spaces. This attribute can help areas of limited space.

With double-hinged patio French doors, you can enjoy all the impactful benefits of two hinged panels that effectively meet in the middle and then swing from the outside edges. You can frequently find both out-swinging and in-swinging French exterior door styles, as well as French exterior doors with different grill styles to highlight different design styles. 

Double French Doors

Double French doors -and other sliding French door types- can have warranties lasting anywhere from two to 20 years. With AZ Valley Windows, you can enjoy various financing options, a two-year installation warranty, and a lifetime transferable manufacturer’s warranty. With double French doors, you can enjoy the benefits of doors with two independently opening leaves. You can have this quality on all your French exterior doors. However, double doors often refer to a larger version of the traditional French door. 

Sliding French Doors From AZ Valley Windows

When you want the highest quality materials, products, installation, and other customer service offerings in the Phoenix, Arizona area, the right choice is always AZ Valley Windows. Connect with us today and experience the difference our French exterior doors and other door and window options can make.

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