What Are ProVia Windows and Doors?

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There are lots of brands you can choose from when you’re looking for new windows and doors for your Phoenix area home. But there’s one brand in particular that we love to recommend for homeowners. That brand is ProVia windows and doors. Here, we’ll introduce you to the brand and their products, as well as explain why we proudly use their products in our customers’ homes.

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Who Is ProVia?

ProVia is a window and door manufacturer, known for their exterior doors and vinyl replacement windows. They specialize in fiberglass and steel doors as well as vinyl windows. Where the company really sets itself apart is with it’s mission, which is “to serve, by caring for details in ways others won’t.” You will see this mission reflected in each and every one of its products. They are committed to creating windows and doors that excel in durability, energy efficiency, security, and beauty. 

Provia Entry Doors

At AZ Valley Windows, we stock all three lines of ProVia entry doors, which are called Signet, Heritage, and Legacy. Here, we’ll go into more detail about each of these lines, so you can begin thinking about which one might be right for your home. 


Signet are a type of ProVia fiberglass door. The great thing about fiberglass doors is that they are highly energy-efficient, while still being able to have an authentic-looking woodgrain pattern. Plus, the Signet pre-hung fiberglass doors from ProVia offer the most customization options of all of ProVia’s entry doors. Your options include many door styles, glass options, and woodgrain or smooth finishes. For example, you can choose a door with or without glass and with or without sidelites and transoms. 

In addition, you have a variety of stain, glaze, or paint colors to choose from. And if you want a different look outside of your home from inside of your home, you are free to do that! Each side can have different panel styles and finishes to best fit your aesthetic. If you want the freedom to design a truly unique front door, this line of entry doors is right for you.


Heritage is another type of fiberglass entry door from the ProVia door catalog. Even as the most affordable option, they still allow you to have the look of a classic woodgrain finish, if that is what you are interested in.

An important detail about the construction of these ProVia fiberglass doors is that they include a hardwood edge, which prevents the door from warping. In addition, they contain a polyurethane core, which helps reduce heat loss. If you are looking for a door that has maximum energy performance and longevity but is also beautiful, then this is a great solution for you. You can also get the best of both worlds, taking advantage of the little maintenance fiberglass doors need while still getting a stunning wood look. Plus, most of ProVia’s Heritage door styles are ENERGY STAR certified! Each product also comes professionally stained or painted, along with a 10-year finish warranty.


One of the most interesting options from the ProVia door catalog is their Legacy line of doors. They were designed to change the way that you think about steel doors. You might think they are cold and boring, but that does not have to be the case! In addition, if safety is your main concern, the Legacy entry doors from ProVia could be the right fit. These exterior doors are made from 20-gauge steel, instead of the typical 24-gauge steel, which actually makes them much better when it comes to strength and rigidity than most steel doors.

These doors also have insulating foam, which allows most of the styles to be ENERGY STAR certified. Finally, they will not crack or warp. Legacy steel doors from ProVia are the strongest, most durable doors on the market today.

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ProVia French Doors

For a more grand entrance into your home, exterior French doors offer amazing luxury. First, you may be asking what makes a French door. What makes a French door different than double doors is that French doors generally have only one active door. The second door is fixed in place, although it has a latch that you can lift to open the door. Many homeowners like these doors for the front entrance into their home or as patio doors.

With options like sidelites and transoms, ProVia French doors offer you complete customization. There are six main configurations you can choose from when it comes to ProVia French doors. These are: 

  • Just the doors themselves
  • The doors with a sidelite on the right or left
  • The doors with a sidelite on both sides
  • Just the doors with a transom over the top
  • The doors with just one sidelite and a transom
  • The doors with a sidelite on each side and a transom

As you can always expect from ProVia windows and doors, one thing that comes standard in their French doors is durability and energy efficiency. Almost every possible option for door style, glass, sidelites, and transoms have been built to last a lifetime. They are also ENERGY STAR certified.

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Choose a ProVia Door from AZ Valley Windows

With so many options and further customization available on their products, ProVia windows and doors are an excellent choice for anyone looking for new windows and doors in the AZ Valley area. Whether your home is a Craftsman bungalow or an ultra-modern home, ProVia has the products you need to seamlessly blend into your home’s design style. Their fiberglass and steel entry doors have all the features you need paired with the choices you want to make the perfect choice for your home. 

When these great products are paired with AZ Valley Windows’ skilled contractors, you can soon have the top of the line entry door that you have always wanted. We can’t wait for the opportunity to turn your front doors into a truly breathtaking entrance into your home.

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