What Is a Double-Hung Window?

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What Defines a Double Hung Window?

Whether you are renovating, building, or just replacing some of your windows, it can be difficult to decide what kind of windows are right for you. There are costs to determine, as well as decisions to make for the highest versatility, energy efficiency, and beauty. It’s not just about home windows for sale, it’s about which ones fit the criteria you need. Double-hung windows are great additions to your home for many reasons, but most people don’t know the difference between a double-hung and a single-hung window. There are even twin double-hung windows! Sifting through the available home windows for sale and finding the right windows for you starts with being educated on the different kinds of windows, so you can see for yourself what you want. 

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Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows, also called double-sash windows, are characterized by two separate pieces of glass that are both able to move. This means the outer pane of glass and the inner pane of glass can shift up or down in the frame. This adds versatility, as it allows for both panes to be open at the same time. You get more airflow with a double-paned window. They are also easy to use and clean. Since you can open both sashes, you get easy access to both panes of glass on either side. There are varying designs of double-hung windows, including twin double-hung windows. This is a set of two double-paned windows that essentially create one giant window. People like twin double-hung windows over picture windows as a design choice, because they allow more airflow and are easier to clean.

Single-Hung Windows

A single-hung window, also called a single-sash window, is very similar to a double-hung window. The biggest difference is that only one of the panes of glass can move on a single-hung window. They can be less versatile, depending on your needs, but also less expensive. They are also more energy-efficient as they have fewer moving parts, which keeps air out. Some people prefer the look of a single-hung window as well, as they can look a bit sleeker with less hardware for opening and closing. They are a great choice for any home! 

Slider Windows

A slider window can come in two different forms because it is essentially a double-hung or single-hung window placed on its side. This means that they slide side-to-side, instead of sliding up and down. Slider windows are generally bigger than sash-style windows. This is one of the main reasons why people choose them for their homes. They offer a lot of light and airflow, and they are easier to open and close for people who may not be able to lift and move the sashes on single or double-hung windows. Slider windows are sometimes more difficult to clean, especially when they are on upper floors. However, slider windows sometimes have other issues, like improper drainage. If water gets under the sill, it can stay there for a long time and not drain away, causing other issues, like warping or molding. However, they are still a great choice for any homeowner, especially as they are cost-effective. 

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Casement Windows

Another kind of window you might want for your home is called a casement window, also known as a crank window. These are the only windows that can fully open and are available in the standard market! While this is a great feature, they can sometimes be flimsy and break easily. They can also be difficult to install, as they are almost always custom-sized. However, if properly latched, a casement window could be very difficult to open from the outside. They are tightly sealed when latched closed, and they can only be opened from the inside. They can be broken into, but most burglars don’t want to risk being heard breaking the glass, because that’s the only way you can get to the mechanism and open it from the outside. 

Awning Windows

An awning window is very similar to a casement window, but it opens from the top or bottom instead of side-to-side. These are a little more difficult to place in a home, but they are great for keeping out inclement weather while still letting ventilation in and out. They are as secure as casement windows. They often present as horizontal windows that are long and thin, meaning they can add a lot of light to a darker space, like the floor or a basement, but can also be tall, depending on your needs and aspirations. They are great windows that continue to get better as the industry evolves. 

Window Screens

These days, most people opt to stay away from window screens. However, outdoor window screens can be a great option for keeping out bugs, debris, weather, and more. These screens can be fitted to almost any kind of window, and people use them all over the world. You can even purchase more sturdy and secure window screens that can prevent burglars. Many of the newer screens are close to impenetrable and can protect windows from many different things. Some are made of steel mesh. This also means more privacy, as it is hard to look past the screen as well. They can also reduce solar heat, help with A/C costs, and offer one thing that is priceless: a bit more peace of mind. 

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Purchasing Windows

No matter what your home improvement project might be, knowing the different home windows for sale is important! It is much easier to make a great decision when you know all of your options! With AZ Valley Windows, you don’t even have to worry about cost, as we can help you finance your project. You deserve to have a beautiful home with gorgeous windows, and we can help you get there! It makes it that much more worth it to create your dream home.

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