What Type of Window Is Best for Your Home?

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How to Know What Type of Window Is Best for Your Home

Is your house warm from too much sunlight bearing down on you midday? Or rather, do you find yourself freezing for a large portion of your time indoors? If you answered yes to either of these, your current windows may not be fully meeting your needs as well as they could be and you may be considering what type of window is best for your home. 

There is much more to windows than meets the eye. The process of choosing the best windows for home can be a strategic one. For example, you may need to decide between functionality and style when selecting windows. In another case, you might discover that various window glasses exist for different functionalities within a given home. Ultimately, choosing the right window is all about partnering with a reliable company and understanding what options exist in the window design industry. 

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Materials for Different Window Types

Just as different homes themselves benefit from various construction methods and materials, so do their windows. When considering what type of window is best for your home, certain window types may better suit certain window styles, or even serve a specific function in your home. The material of your chosen window can also significantly impact the method to install it, how it benefits your home and life, and how you use it. To help you decide which material best meets your needs, we have included several of our provided window materials below.


Aluminum windows are among the best windows for homes. Especially for sunny areas like Phoenix, aluminum windows can add a style variety to your home and save energy. What better way to decrease costs than by investing in an energy-efficient window? Not only are they sealed securely shut to prevent dirt and debris from entering a home, but they are one of our most durable, maintenance-free options. Additionally, for homeowners that enjoy quiet environments – particularly in you live in a highly populated city – aluminum windows provide a modern touch while blocking excess noise. We recommend choosing aluminum windows for a contemporary feel and a technologically advanced approach.  


Another option for energy-efficient house windows involves installing fiberglass. Fiberglass is a manufactured material often stronger than wood or vinyl. The added strength of fiberglass frames allows large window panes to incorporate unique window styles. For homes that experience severe weather, fiberglass is the perfect option. Unlike standard window types, fiberglass experiences minimal damage and resists dents, scratches, warping, and corrosion. As a highly durable material, these windows also don’t require much maintenance. 

Energy Efficient

Our clients deserve quality products that last a lifetime and offer long-term benefits. You can experience these long-lasting benefits when you invest in energy-efficient windows. With the costly living expenses of warmer areas like Arizona, and most households depending on expensive cooling systems for air conditioning, energy-efficient windows provide a convenient solution. These specially designed windows ventilate your home while still maintaining a stylish look. If you want to decrease daily expenses and/or become more environmentally conscious, consider this type for your house windows. 


Vinyl windows are the perfect match for anyone seeking a well-rounded product. Vinyl windows are mostly maintenance-free and hardly require re-painting. However, they do require you to perform regular caulking to prevent air leaks and debris. If necessary, vinyl windows are easily replaced, since they’re consistent in color and materials. Compared to aluminum windows, which may conduct heat or cold, vinyl windows are an improved energy-efficient option. Vinyl tends to insulate houses well, as the material reduces heat transfer. When searching for the best windows for homes, it can be difficult to find a better option than vinyl windows.

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Style Options for House Windows

Windows are functional and serve as design elements for your home. The best house windows incorporate a sound structure and appealing design. When choosing a window for design purposes, consider the type of glass, patterns, and structure. 

Types of Glass

When deciding on the best windows for your home, consider what type of glass best suits your home. Our windows and entry doors come in a variety of glasses, such as:

  • Translucent – Compared to transparent glass, translucent is less see-through. Most choose this option for its natural light. You can choose between frosted or satin glass. 
  • Textured – Textured glass adds a personal flare to your home. With raised elements and water-like textures, textured glass can distort how light enters your home.
  • Stained – One of the most elegant choices, stained glass is a perfect option for any modern or historic house. Due to the labor put into creating detailed glass, stained glass is usually a more expensive option. 

Glass Patterns

Several glass patterns contribute to our classic window designs. Each glass pattern suggests a slightly different tone for your home. Here are a few of our most popular patterns: 

  • Diamond – These decorative window pieces come in divided patterns of multiple diamonds.
  • Colonial – A traditional style, our colonial pattern uses uniform rectangular patterns.
  • Gothic – With a flare for the dramatic, these extravagant glass pieces with pointed arches will astound observers.
  • Vertical – To add some height to your home, consider vertical patterns. These panes have a simple design that adds a touch of refinement to any home.
  • Radius – Our radius-style glass has a center point with features expanding outward. It offers an intricate but simplistic design.

Design and Structure

AZ Valley Windows offers several different window structures. Each of these structures best suits various parts of the home – whether for a traditional window, skylight, patio door, front entryway, or other. Examples of window types include awning, picture, casement, slider, and specialty windows. 

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How AZ Valley Windows Can Help You

With reliable window installations and dependable contractors, AZ Valley Windows can help you find the best window for your home. Depending on your preference, we can customize your window to benefit your Phoeniz home, such as choosing a more energy-efficient style while pairing it with an intricate glass design. Our two-year labor warranty ensures you’ll have access to replacement parts for all window installations. Contact us today to review your options for house windows.

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