Where Can I Find Cost-Effective Specialty Windows?

Specialty windows might seem like a type of home improvement project that could break the bank. As we all know, anything made custom tends to cost more than something that’s one size fits all. For example, having a tailor alter a garment to fit you is more expensive than buying something that already fits. The same is typically true for windows. Some window companies charge an excessive amount for any kind of specialty window. This is unfortunate because it dissuades many people from even shopping for specialty windows. Sometimes you need things customized for your space, and at AZ Valley Windows, we understand that. In this article, we’ll discuss everything about specialty windows and where to find them for a fair price. 


What are Specialty Windows?

If you’re not familiar with specialty windows, it’s time to get acquainted with them. You could be missing out on the opportunity to really make your home stand out. Luckily, specialty windows are not a difficult concept to wrap your head around. Specialty windows are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They are windows that are designed and customized for a specific home. The homeowner typically has a lot of say in the process of designing a specialty window. Of course, this makes specialty windows unique compared to standard or “stock” windows. Custom windows are usually created for uncommon homes or spaces. But these types of windows are also sometimes created to achieve a specific look or design in a home. 

Types of Specialty Windows

Now, you might be wondering if there are any specific types of specialty windows. The answer is a little complicated. A specialty window is created to stand apart from other windows. So, one could argue that there isn’t any one “type” of custom window. However, many people request unique window shapes that aren’t completely uncommon. Here are some of the more popular styles of specialty windows. 

Circle Windows

A circle window is one of the more popular or traditional specialty windows you might come across. Many homes incorporate windows that are full or half circles. Adding a curve or two near traditional windows can add some life to your home design. Additionally, a circle window can let light into hard to illuminate areas in your home. Perhaps there’s a wall in your house that’s too small for a traditional square or rectangular window. A circle window could be the solution to your problem. These kinds of windows also bring in more natural light than others, and they can work with nearly every architectural style. 

Gable Windows 

A gable window is a window that is located between the two slopes of a pitched roof. Because of this location, gable windows are typically specialty windows by nature. Sometimes you might see a circular window located here. A more common gable window shape would be a triangular or trapeze shape. However, you can choose any shape for a gable window, even a more traditional rectangle or square. The most important aspect of customizing a gable window is how much room you’re working with. Gable windows allow more light into your home in a small space. Additionally, these kinds of windows can enhance the overall appearance of your home, making it look more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, since a gable window is located at the highest point of your home, it can provide a potentially beautiful view. 

Triangle Windows

Triangle windows are having their moment recently. As mentioned in the previous section, gable windows are often triangular in shape. However, the triangle window has become increasingly popular in other areas of the home too. If you keep up with contemporary home design, you’ll know that triangle windows are “in” nowadays. You might be wondering why triangular windows are so in style right now. These types of windows complement many aspects of home design that are currently trending. They let in more light. Plus, the triangle shape looks fresh and makes a statement without being overly showy. It’s the perfect shape for a homeowner looking to spice up the appearance of their home.

Why Get Specialty Windows Made for Your Home?

Sometimes a regular, more traditional window is what you need. But there are other times when sticking to tradition can make your home seem boring. Not only that, but sometimes standard windows won’t fit in a space no matter how hard you try. With specialty windows, you can transform any unusual space in your home into something more appealing. Plus, it’s safe to say that nearly every homeowner wants their home to stand out in a positive way. Specialty windows are a way to achieve uniqueness without much extraneous hassle. This can also up your curb appeal if you plan on selling your house soon. 

All of these reasons should be enough to convince you that specialty windows are worth it. But, ultimately you should opt for specialty windows because of the quality and craftsmanship involved in making and installing them. You always want to install high quality windows whether they’re specialty or not. This is because the quality of your windows and their installation can affect your eventual satisfaction. Good quality windows will protect your home from intruders, save you money on energy bills, and so much more. 

Where to Find Specialty Windows for Your Phoenix, AZ Home

If you are looking for custom windows in the Phoenix, Arizona area, work with the best at AZ Valley Windows. We are the preferred window and door company in the Phoenix area and provide impeccable craftsmanship and customer service. AZ Valley Windows is a name that locals know and trust. Plus, we offer every customer a free in-home consultation and project estimate. If you’re ready to start your home improvement project with us, check out our website today. 

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