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Where Can I Get Specialty Windows?

Windows are an essential part of any home and create a sense of openness, style, and beauty. Every home should have windows, but not every window is the same. While there are many kinds of windows, specialty windows truly make a home unique. Specialty windows can also be difficult to find, and often people have to go through different companies to get the exact specifications and type of window they would want. However, there are many reasons to get a non-traditional window and make your home one of a kind. 

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Why Specialty Windows?

One of the most exciting parts about owning or building a home is making it your own. While there are design choices like paint and fixtures, it isn’t the same as creating a whole new interior or exterior. A specialty window is like adding your own special touch to your home, and it doesn’t have to be only one. If you have a specific style you like, such as triangle windows or gable windows, or if you have a design in mind for your home, non-traditional windows can make your design look even better. Remodeling your home and updating it often leaves out windows, but it shouldn’t. Adding windows changes the entire feel of the inside of a home. You can add more light and decide where you want it to come from. It’s completely up to you, and it can truly make your house into a home. 

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Types of Specialty Windows 

A great way to decide if you want unique windows is by learning more about the different types. There are several to choose from. 

Corner Windows

A beautiful design choice that adds an immense amount of natural light is a corner window. This window is designed to essentially replace a corner with a beautiful window. You can install this with or without a frame, but it will have to have a special reinforcement to ensure structural stability. You can also add aluminum framings to create a modern and beautiful look while saving on energy and more. If you have a beautiful view you want to show off, a corner window is perfect. It also adds an incredible amount of light. Similar in many ways to glass walls, it almost seems to remove the boundary between indoors and outdoors. You might even combine them to create a beautiful and unique design that truly shows off your gorgeous surroundings. 

Triangle Windows

A triangle window is a beautiful specialty window that is usually placed up in the eaves to create a sense of openness and add visual interest. Combined with large picture windows and glass walls, triangle windows can open an entire home wall, all the way up to the roofline. These can also add an interesting and creative look around your home, as they are a bold design choice. Custom windows like triangle windows are sometimes overlooked, but that makes them even more stunning in any home. They aren’t overused, and as they are often closer to the ceiling or roofline, they let in a lot of light at a great angle, where it will let in light that won’t add much glare and often adds a softer, more pleasant aura to a room. 

Gable Windows

A gable window and a dormer window sometimes get confused. A gable window is a specialty window that sits in the gable of a house and is a flat window. It can be any shape or size really, but it has to be in a flat location. Usually, gable windows tend to be small and decorative, letting in a bit of light to a foyer or living area. A dormer window is different because it is a protruding window that comes out from the roof of a house. You can use a gable window to add light in places like an attic or at the end of a hallway on the upper floor of a house as well. These are often looked at as windows that add character and charm to a home. 

Picture Windows

While specialty windows are incredible and unique, you can also add beautiful and special windows to your home with more traditional window shapes and sizes. One of the most classic and beautiful windows people love to add to their homes is picture windows. You can combine these with less common windows to add more light and capture views in your home, without adding any special costs for more unique windows. Picture windows are also highly customizable, and can be fitted to open. They can also have specialized glass and energy efficiency that make them even more fitting for the Phoenix area. Sometimes people move into a home with a picture window that is beautiful, but when it was installed it was not energy efficient. We can help correct this and help save your electric bill by replacing it with an updated window. Keep your gorgeous views, but keep your energy bills down! 

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Finding the Right Windows

Whether you want traditional or unique windows, there are so many options you can choose for your home. Making your home your own is such an exciting time. If you feel comfortable and happy in your home, it affects everything you do each day. Renovations are more common than ever before with the rising costs of homes, so this is the perfect time to update your home. Windows are one of the things in your home people can forget that not only make your home beautiful, but can actually save you money and add more natural light and even airflow. Create your dream home with the right windows and doors, and make sure you do it safely and correctly with AZ Valley Windows. We care about your dreams and goals, and we want to help make your home perfect.

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