Why Decorative Glass Entry Doors Never Go Out Of Style

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Top Reasons Decorative Glass Entry Doors Never Go Out Of Style

The front door of a home is arguably the most important design choice any homeowner can make. It welcomes people into your space, and also provides you with everyday beauty as you enter and exit your home each day. While front door trends change, decorative glass entry doors are timeless and add so many benefits to your home. Not only are they beautiful, but there are also so many options for style, so your decorative glass entry doors will be truly unique. Creating the perfect entry to your home is quite an undertaking, so choosing the best entry doors for you is essential. There are several things to look at when choosing your front door, including safety, style, energy efficiency, and more. 

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Front Door Safety

The front door of your home has two purposes that can seem contradictory: to allow people in, and to keep people out. For this reason, a front door needs to be accessible and easy to open and close, (especially when you are in a hurry). It also needs to lock easily, but should be difficult to break or break into. There are many different locks and other things available to help your front door keep unwanted people out, and there are even smart locks available. While decorative glass doors may not seem as safe as other doors, they actually provide a lot of safety. 

Glass Door Safety

One of the main concerns people have with glass door safety is they feel people could look in. While this may be true, most decorative glass doors actually have frosted glass that makes everything blurry. This protects people inside the house and actually, helps people see intruders or unwanted visitors more clearly from inside. People might think it’s easier to break into a decorative glass door, but breaking the glass on these doors isn’t easy! The glass in the doors is quite strong. It is also much louder to break a glass panel than to break into a door any other way. It also adds a degree of danger for people breaking in, as breaking that glass can cause serious injury to a person. Owing to their difficulty to break, you also avoid any accidental breakage.

Energy Efficiency

Some people worry about getting decorative glass entry doors because they feel that it is not energy efficient. While this does depend on the individual door, there are many ways to ensure your glass doors are energy efficient. The best entry doors help you keep your energy bill down, but you also need to be careful not to prop one open or leave it cracked. The door itself needs to be installed with a good seal, so air doesn’t come in through the cracks around the door. 

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Door Materials

The actual material of the door matters as well. The glass itself can be made with special coatings or even just an extra layer of glass, which helps with temperature regulation. The rest of the door is more important when it comes to saving energy, and the best material depends on your specific setting. Some available materials include fiberglass, wood, aluminum, steel, and more. The framing also matters, so that the door can swing open and closed without serious wear and tear. It also needs to be well framed so wind and other weather can’t get through. The materials that make up your door matter, and while front door trends shift, energy efficiency is always useful. 

Front Door Styles

Knowing your aesthetic and the style you are looking for is important when it comes to choosing your front door. Trendy front doors in 2023 are still incorporating decorative glass because it truly never goes out of style. Decorative glass entry doors create natural light, which significantly brightens up your entryway and home. One of the best things about a front door style is that you can paint it pretty much any color you want. This year’s trendy front doors are adding pops of color that match your interior, like teal, blues, reds, and even yellows. You can make your front door into anything you want, and adding a beautiful decorative glass panel or panels makes such a big difference. Front door trends come and go, but decorative glass is always a great choice for your home, especially in a sunny and beautiful place like Phoenix, AZ. 

Other Important Features

There are some other things that contribute to finding the perfect door for you, including price! Luckily, financing is available for doors, so you can have exactly what you want without worrying. You also can choose things like your doorknob and hardware, including smart door technology and installation of cameras. There are also beautiful metal features you can add to glass doors that can protect the glass, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking while still enjoying natural lighting. There are truly so many options when it comes to your perfect front door. 

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Updating Your Front Door

If you want to update your outdated or unattractive front door, it’s so easy to get a replacement! Front doors can wear down over time, causing safety issues and other concerns. If you have a front door that looks old or the paint is peeling, it can even lower the value of your home. Quick, efficient replacement services mean you can have a new door installed in just a few hours. You can also look at doors in different price points and styles, so you choose exactly what you want. While we recommend decorative glass entry doors, the best entry doors are the ones that mean the most to you and make you happy. You have to see it every day, so pick a door you love! 

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